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Many homeowners remodel their kitchen for the benefit of a beautiful, functional kitchen. They invest for their enjoyment, thanks to a timely tax return or careful saving towards their dream kitchen. Not every homeowner makes updates purely for their own enjoyment, though. They’re looking to increase their home value, possibly because of the desire to sell in the near future. They know the bathroom is outdated because it’s original to their 1960’s house. They’re pretty sure that the bathtub was a different color 40 years ago, too. It’s time to remodel, and they know it. These strategic homeowners know that investing in updates actually increases the home value, and they could see up to 100% of a return on their investment when they decide to sell their home.

When potential buyers see outdated bathrooms or dysfunctional kitchens, they see more expenses in the way of their ‘dream home.’ You, the seller, don’t want the potential buyer’s first thought when they see the kitchen to be, “This is a total gut job.” This means they’re adding many thousands of dollars onto the sale price in their mind. So, the potential buyer may even try to negotiate your home’s price down to fit desired renovations into their budget. Below are some of the most common plumbing upgrades we do, big and small, for a quick and easy resale of your home.

Quick Plumbing Upgrades

Start small. You don’t need to cut apart the room, move the sinks around, or rip up floors just yet. Upgrade the kitchen sink or master bathtub for a larger, deeper one. Update the current fixtures to something more modern. By hiring a professional, you can have your bathroom renovation complete in one or two days. Small changes still add value to the home when the time comes to sell.

Another affordable, but critical kitchen upgrade for those on a city sewer system is a garbage disposal. Most buyers consider garbage disposals a high priority kitchen item, yet installing one usually costs between $290 and $360. Install this ahead of time and you’ll recoup the majority of your investment through a happy buyer.

Advanced Plumbing Upgrades

More advanced plumbing jobs might be necessary in older homes, especially if your goal is to pass a home inspection. Putting in this work shows buyers that you’re reliable and that the home is well maintained.

Modern plumbing lines

If your home was built during or before the 1970s, the plumbing is likely made of galvanized steel. Modern home builders know not to use galvanized steel because of how prone the material is to rusting and corrosion. PEX plumbing and other modern solutions last longer and are easier to work with too.

Sewer lines made from clay, cast iron, or Orangeburg are also prone to corrosion, breaking, and rust. Modern plastic sewage lines are a huge advantage to selling your home in a buyer’s market. Nobody wants to deal with a sewer pipe issue, so being able to say that your pipes are modern is a big plus.


A basement prone to flooding is one of the most common reasons a home sale doesn’t go through. If your basement has ever flooded or is prone to flooding, fix the problem before putting the home on the market. Consult with a plumber about how to waterproof your basement or replace an old sump pump. Indications of past flooding are one of the most common red flags on a home inspection. If you’ve had flooding in the past, ease the buyer’s concern by showing the investments you’ve made to fix the issue. You’ll see those investments pay off in your sale.

Does your kitchen or bath need a facelift? When was the last time you checked the sump pump? If you’re looking to sell and need some advice on the best ways to allocate your remodeling budget, we can help. Give us a call for a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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