New Construction

There’s often a lot to consider when building a new home, especially from a plumbing perspective. You want to make sure that the pipes are in the correct place and installed correctly. You want to make sure that the layout of the plumbing makes sense, that it helps the rooms in the house flow together more easily rather than creating awkward angles in the rooms. And if you’re looking to build a higher-end house, you may want to include custom plumbing features in the bathrooms or kitchen.


We build trust with the builders with whom we work by showing we are professional from start to finish. From our detailed estimates to the final product, we set out to exceed all expectations. We provide a consultative approach to new construction plumbing, seeking to understand the goals of the developer, contractor, or homeowner so that we can advise on how to incorporate new home plumbing solutions that meet those needs.

These are just some of the things our team does during a new construction project

  • Size the water and drain systems for each house
  • Running sewer and water pipes into the foundation
  • Design a plumbing system to meet all needs of the house
  • Install the rough plumbing throughout the house
  • Work with the owners to pick out fixtures
  • Install the final fixtures

In the past, we’ve worked with developers and contractors on new home plumbing projects throughout the majority of Dane County, including Oregon, most parts of Madison (such as the east and west sides), Bergamont, Westport, Waunakee, Brooklyn, and Stoughton. We also serve the northern areas of Green and Rock counties.

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