Our Processes

Our General Contractor Process

At Kegonsa Plumbing, we tend to see projects completed at a quicker pace when a general contractor is managing. While the average turnaround time (from the initial call to the completed project) for homeowners who manage their remodel or new build might be as little as 2 or 3 months, most of our projects with general contractors complete in a few weeks. Are you a homeowner considering a general contractor? Read more about our experiences working with general contractors here.

Fill out our contact form with the job details. If you have blueprints ready, you can attach them on the contact form.

If you’ve provided blueprints and a desired completion date, we can quote the job without visiting the home or taking our own measurements.

Regardless of whether the home project is yours, or your responsibility, we arrive on time and complete the job at our high standard of quality.

Our Homeowner Process

We want to help you design your dream bathroom, with as many shower heads as your heart desires. We want your new kitchen sink to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Whether you’re looking to design a luxurious new bathroom or remodel your kitchen, we’re here to understand you and help you meet your goals.


    1. Fill out our contact form with your details. When working with homeowners, we usually start with a phone call to fully understand your needs. Will your project be a quick remodeling refresh, or are you moving the sink and shower around? Is this a remodel or new construction? These are the types of questions that help us understand the scope of your project.


    2. Then, we’ll schedule a free, in-home consultation. We’ll look at the current plumbing (if any), take measurements, and offer advice on ways to maximize your budget. After this, you’ll receive an estimate for the job. Our estimates, like our in-home consults, are free of charge. You won’t just see one big number on our quotes; Kegonsa Plumbing will break down the individual costs of materials, labor, and clean up.


    3. When you move forward with Kegonsa Plumbing, we arrive on time and ready to work. Typically, we schedule services 2-4 weeks after you decide to work with us. The turnaround time can vary with homeowners, as we want to make sure we can work within your busy schedule.


    4. If something goes wrong with your kitchen or bathroom after your service is complete, call us. Kegonsa Plumbing stands by our product warranties because we’ve taken the time to vet our suppliers and ensure that only the highest quality materials are used.

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